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Independent Licensed Real Estate

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Are you a productive Real Estate professional who doesn't have enough hours in the day? Do you constantly wonder, "How am I going to get everything done?" I have the solution to your problem! Hire an independent Transaction Coordinator. Paperwork makes up over half of the time spent by Realtors on a transaction.  JL Assists was created to help you increase your sales and work smarter, not harder.  

What Can I Do For You?

Wouldn't you love to know that all of your escrow files will be complete and compliant at the end of each and every transaction? I have over 17 of experience coordinating escrows for agents and brokerages. Utilizing your online transaction portal, DropBox, and using an electronic signature program called DocuSign, I can process a file just as easily from my office as I can sitting in yours! I keep current on all the required disclosures and laws from CAR and know what makes a compliant file.  Your completed files/documents will not only be uploaded to your office TC platform, they will also be placed in DropBox for storage purposes. My fees are paid per file and can be paid directly through escrow. 

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Administrative Support

  • Listing packages

  • Escrow TC work

  • Timelines

  • Deadlines

Customer Support

Work directly with your clients to ensure compliant files, necessary signatures, and timely documents.

Agent Support

Assist agents in passing paperwork back and forth so that agents can be out selling homes not sitting in their office doing paperwork.

Trusted by Agents and Brokers

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Organized and Efficient

Jennifer and her services will revolutionize how real estate is done! I am happy and proud to have worked with her exclusively as a Transaction Coordinator!

Flexible and Committed

A Transaction Coordinator is a true gift.  I spend far less time in the office, and more time out making money!

Creative & Resourceful

“Jennifer goes above and beyond the call of duty!  She consistently handles the many urgent demands put before her in an efficient manner. I would highly recommend her without hesitation.”

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Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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